School Uniform


my town suddenly has some sorta pink uchi -gang going on and I wanted to draw them being cool.. aand ended up sketching some of the other villagers too


second commission slot for mildork.



I’ve been searching for a simple path that doesn’t take up lots of space and blends with the grass for Spring but I couldn’t find one, so I made it myself! I’m not sure how it looks with other grass types, but it blends really well with the circle grass. If you try it out on other types, let me know how it looks and whatnot. When the seasons change I’ll probably post these again with matching grass.

I got the idea from Rae’s beautiful town and took her advice and made the path myself and yes the flower colours are similar to hers in this area but it’s my favourite part of my town atm cuz I recently reset (hence the bad hair and lack of nice clothes).

Anyway if you use it I’d love to see screenshots! 

Well made! Gotta add these to my town soon. :)


People fighting over villagers

People fighting over popular blogs

People fighting over confession blogs

People fighting over Frozen over New Leaf blog

And I’m just like,



my bb is so sweet :)


my bb is so sweet :)